SafeStart Systems…saving lives with intelligent, cost effective miniaturization

SafeStart Systems is the U.S. based manufacturer of the patented SafetyGate™ technology; the miniaturized core component of SafeStart’s highly effective and fully scalable anti-restart protection solution products in use by the most notable names in Aerospace, Military, Education, Government, Medicine, and Private Industry.
SafeStart System’s extreme miniaturization and low component count led the way in 2010 to their patenting and marketing the SafetyGate Retrofit products; designed to provide end users with the ability to instantly install a restart prevention “safety update” solution to the over 1.3B electrically powered machines, tools and appliances currently in use throughout the world today.
With the mandating of electrical restart protection under IEC 60601-1 ver.3 being instituted throughout the Medical Manufacturing sector, SafeStart Systems has positioned itself to become the global leader in low cost miniaturized restart protection solutions for the Medical Manufacturing community.
SafeStart Systems continues to develop new SafetyGate products for large scale Commercial and Industrial power systems, with the design mandate being on cost effective implementation; including space saving physical footprint benefits along with simplicity of installation and operation.