SafetyGate™ Commercial Single Phase, Dual-leg Single Phase
and the NEW SafetyGate™ Commercial 2-Leg 3 Phase
Restart Prevention products

…Now with both E-Stop 0 capability & Restart Protection functionality!

The revolutionary SafetyGate™ Commercial is the new high current model in our SafetyGate line of simple, effective, low cost, restart prevention products. The patented SafetyGate circuitry recognizes when your machine’s power switch is left on after a power outage, breaker trip or accidental unplugging and puts up a protective “Gate,” stopping the flow of electricity. Bright yellow LED indicators let you know the SafetyGate is in “protect mode.” To reset, simply turn your machine’s power switch to off.

The SafetyGate Commercial is completely automatic with no buttons to push or switches to reset; using your machine’s own power switch to restore normal operation. This exclusive SafetyGate feature prevents dangerous secondary restarts, caused when a device is restarted away from the operator’s control position. The SafetyGate circuitry also identifies short circuits which may be present at machine power up and restricts current until the circuit is corrected. E-Stop 0 with Restart Protection is functional with simple series switch insertion to the circuit board Neutral 18 awg. wire connection.

Safety Gate Commercial circuitry can be installed internally or directly onto your machine as an in-line attachment to the power lead using the SafetyGate NEMA 4X rated / UL 508 Type 4X & 12K enclosure. (shown here) 

The SafetyGate Model # 82397COMSP Single Phase anti-restart unit weighs less than 8 oz. and can provide restart protection in a 110-250V 50-60cy 30 amp Single Phase or single leg 3 Phase environment.

The SafetyGate Model #82397COMBP Dual-Single / Bi-Phase anti-restart unit’s scaled design allows simple dual-leg connect-ability for two leg Single Phase (Bi-Phase) 110-250V 50-60cy 30 amp/leg* operation.

The NEW SafetyGate Model #82397COM2L3P Dual leg 3 Phase anti-restart unit was designed specifically for 3 phase environments where two legs are used to power 250V 50-60cy 30 amp/leg* equipment.

Special new features for this product include:

• Provides restart protection in 3 phase and Single phase environments. Patented circuitry recognizes 3 phase 120 degree differential and    compensates to identify load / power loss independently on each leg.

• “Protect” mode initiated upon loss of power on both or single legs, also restricts power if load or short circuit is present on single or both draw connections.

Safety Gate™ Commercial products are manufactured in the U.S.A and available for Standard, Medical, Military & Custom OEM applications as a standalone circuit board, in a NEMA 4X rated / UL 508 Type 4X & 12K conduit / cable mount enclosure or in custom cable applications with or without customer selected connectors.

The patented SafetyGate™ Commercial is a Recognized Component under UL 508 and CSA C22.2 No. 14 Industrial Control Equipment and is designed to meet FDA mandated IEC 60601-1 Version 3, OSHA, NFPA and CSA standards in preventing the hazard of dangerous electrical restarts.

*see technical data for exact specifications

UL Recognized Component Mark US-Canada download-brochure