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Finally…Simple, Low Cost Restart Protection

Specifically designed to meet the FDA Mandate of IEC 60601-1 ver. 3 for restart protection*
The New SafetyGate Pro-Med OEM Power Cord
The SafetyGate Pro-Med™ is state-of-the-art low cost cord-mounted anti-restart protection solution for OEM applications…and because the patented SafetyGate restart protection circuitry resides in the cable between your device and power plug, the user is not only protected against power outages and breaker trips but also from an accidental un-plugging from the wall or power outlet.
SafetyGate products are the only anti-restart protection solutions which use the devices own power switch to reset. This patented feature assures that a device does not receive power unless the user is in the operating position; therefore preventing a dangerous “secondary restart” hazard caused when a device is reset away from the tool or machine.
The SafetyGate Pro-Med™ is available in custom lengths and plug configurations based on OEM manufacturing specifications.
Also available for large current requirements is The SafetyGate Commercial-Med OEM anti-restart protection solution.
Made in the USA
*IEC 60601-1 v.3 standard for OEM Restart Protection
11.8 Interruption of the power supply / SUPPLY MAINS TO ME EQUIPMENT
ME EQUIPMENT shall be so designed that an interruption and restoration of the power supply shall not result in a HAZARDOUS SITUATION other than interruption of its intended function.
NOTE – This can require testing at several durations and ME EQUIPMENT states.
Compliance is checked by interruption and restoration of relevant power supplies.