Orange County Choppers custom motorcycle manufacturing plant in Newburgh, New York has installed SafetyGate Professionals throughout their facility. “We approached OCC after one of our customers called to tell us of an episode where there was damage to a bike after a grinder was plugged in with the trigger switch locked on” cites SafeStart Operations Manager Kathleen Lombard. “We contacted the factory and were invited up to demonstrate the product. Within a few minutes after the demo our guys were fitting out the whole shop.”

OCC now joins the long list of quality high technology manufacturing facilities that have chosen SafetyGate Professional’s simple, low cost design to protect both their workers and their products in production from unintended and dangerous machine restarts. Kathleen adds, “I can only imagine what the incredibly creative staff at OCC would come up with for a custom ‘SafetyGate’ chopper!…Hmmm, where did I pack away that leather riding jacket I used to have…?”